SimpleKey Web gets software update to give you even more flexibility with the “Door Unlock Invitation”.

 We are always looking at ways to improve SimpleKey Web, driven by our customers’ needs. One requirement requested is to give a person access to a block temporarily but not on a regular basis. In some cases, like safety inspections, this can be required as many as ten times in a twenty minute period. In the past the solution has been to provide temporary fobs, but this requires time and relies on the contractor or guest to return the fob after use.

Now SimpleKey Web has been updated to allow a “Door Unlock Invitation”. This function allows the system administrator to send an “invitation” (via email) to a contractor or visitor, which when they arrive at the block enables them to unlock the door(s) from their phone. Multiple invitations can be sent to one or more contractors/visitors allowing them to visit multiple blocks in their own time. For example, this means if a gas inspector needs to enter a number of blocks for a one-off inspection, they can be given access easily, or if a delivery needs to be dropped off it can be, with minimal hassle.

The “Door Unlock Invitation” can be activated from within the existing KMS cloud and, if required, can incorporate two-factor authentication so is secure and ensures only intended guests get access. The benefits to the block managers can be significant with more time and costs saved. 

To find out more about SimpleKey Web and the “Door Unlock Invitation” click here or email or call 01494 531099