We are all expected to deliver better service these days, no matter what sector we work in and typically, the expectations are it can be done at a reduced cost. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, especially where technology is involved and investment is required.

However, that is not the case with student communal door access control. KMS has long worked in the UK social & private housing sector and is the leading supplier of communal door access control solutions in the UK and now the student accommodation sector is finding out the benefits of using KMS SimpleKey Web as well.

In the past few years CODE Students has implemented SimpleKey Web across their accommodation blocks and recently Student Roost has started to do the same, seeing significant reductions in time taken to administer the system, including adding and deleting fobs. This is partly due to the system being cloud based, meaning it can be done from any mobile device, as long as it is connected to the internet. However, it is not just time and cost reductions that are benefiting the student organisations, there are also significant security and safety benefits, ensuring each student can only get access to their housing blocks and flats.

To find out how KMS SimpleKey Web can help your organisation reduce costs and improve security contact us.